Teresa Crothers

Teresa Crothers, of Mississippi, is the wife of Cullan Crothers. Teresa was born in 1964. She is
a wonderful wife who loves to exercise. Teresa's favorite exercise routines are running, aerobics,
weight training, and calisthenics. She has been a state champion distance runner for many years in
Mississippi and has run personal bests that include:
1 mile track 5:02
3K track 10:12
5K cross country 17:18
5K road 17:45
5 Mile road 29:17
10K road 37:24
In addition to exercise, Teresa likes to cook, watch TV, listen to music, and play with the three family dogs, Panda, Chloe, and Rowe. She also has an exotic red footed tortoise named Bumper.

Some of Teresa's favorite things

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