Cullan Crothers

Cullan Crothers, of Mississippi, is the husband of Teresa Crothers. Cullan was born in 1960.
Cullan enjoys exercise and his favorite exercise routines are biking, weight training, and
calisthenics. He was a championship winning distance runner for many years in Mississippi and has
run personal best times that include:
5K road 14:43 (uncertified) 15:00 (certified)
5 Mile road 24:46
10K road 30:51
15K road 48:04
Half Marathon road 1:09:46
Marathon road 2:35:26
In addition to exercise, Cullan likes to fish, watch movies, listen to music, and play with the three
family dogs, Panda, Chloe, and Rowe. They also have an exotic red footed tortoise named Bumper.

Some of Cullan's favorite things

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