These are some well known people who deserve a good tribute from Team Crothers to you.

Peter Sagan is a professional cyclist from
Slovakia. He is "The Green Machine"! He has won the green
jersey points classification at the Tour De France 5 years
in a row. Peter has an incredible range of skills as a
cyclist and is an expert at handling bikes in all conditions.
He can climb, descend, corner, sprint, lead a breakaway, and just
plain ride hard! Peter is one of the most colorful personalities
in professional cycling and gives unpredictable interview
quotes that come straight from his heart. Here is an
example from stage 16 of the 2015 Tour De France. "I knew
the descent from two years ago and from seeing it on
television with the Beloki crash. I was again very close.
I'm glad because I was going for second place. No, I'm
joking. I really don't know what I should do better. I
tried everything. I knew I had to try as hard as I could
in the descent even if it meant dying. I was the one
pulling in the climb because nobody wanted to race with
me. When the Lotto went, nobody chased behind him while
they all went after me.". He is fun to watch and listen to!

Mark Cavendish is a champion
cyclist from Great Britain. He has won 30 career stages so
far in the Tour De France. He has won the road cycling
world championships race. These are just some of his many
victories that he has achieved as the "Manx Missile"! He
has had the best finishing sprint in the world when he is
riding well. With a fiery personality and extremely open
point of view, Mark gives the best interviews available!
Here is one of his all time great quotes "I knew this was
a technical finish and it was a hard stage but the team
worked really hard for it today and I think I showed my
resilience, It's always sweet to silence the ignoramuses.
I don't want to name names.". Just keep on doing it, Mark!

Britney Spears is still doing well despite the national
media's best efforts to ruin her. She was born in McComb,
MS. which is in our home state. Britney is one of our own
and we like to see her do well. Keep up the good work Britney!

LeAnn Rimes is a super talented performer
from Jackson, MS. who hit the big stage in music at age
13! She appeared in the movie Coyote Ugly in 2000 and had
four songs on the soundtrack from that movie all at the age of 17!
LeAnn has had a successfule music career and used her talent well!

Denise Austin is the greatest
fitness show host ever! Her television shows on ESPN and
Lifetime TV from 1987-2006 were excellent! She always gave
the viewers great workouts from exotic locations and
didn't mind at all showing off her many wonderful physical
assets while doing so. She gave a new name to exercise
fashion. Her workouts were fun and her fitness advice was
easy to understand and very useful. She is still producing
exercise videos and writing fitness books. Denise, you
were the original sexy "TV fitness babe" and you had the
great fitness knowledge to go with it!

Tonya Harding was a great fugure skating talent before
the United States Figure Skating Association decided
to end her career. With absolutely no proof of her
wrongdoing, they banned her from competition for an
act that any other athlete would have received a slap
on the wrist for. The real reason for this extreme sentence
was because they were afraid that her style of skating
would change their sport. It did anyway, as dynamic skating
soon became the rage in figure skating worldwide. We
hope you are doing well today Tonya!

Bill Rodgers was one of the greatest personalities and
talents in United States distance running history. He
always competed with everything he had and looked smooth
while doing it. Big wins and records were plentiful for him.
"Boston Billy", you gave us all somebody to cheer for in your races!

Mary Decker Slaney was one of the greatest distance runners
ever born in the United states. Some media people said that
she cried too much and called her a bad sport. Mary simply
cared about running like not many others have. She always ran
to the front and gave it her best, setting many American
records in the process. Her career survived many injuries
and she always bounced back well from them. You thrilled
us, Mary. Thanks for the excitement!

Muhammed Ali was the greatest boxer in the history of the world!
He had the skill, the strebgth, the style, and the words to prove
it, and he did! He has to go down as one of the top performers
in all of sports history. Muhammed, you were "The Greatest"!

Craig Virgin truly personifies the phrase "Comeback Kid".
He had great talent, determination, bravery, and personality.
He seemingly could come back from adversity without a problem.
He set American records and won major championships with his
fast paced style. Craig, you were always a true "Frontrunner"!